Consistent with the intent for using the Red Tees, beginning with the 2024 season, a member must have a course handicap of 18 or higher for 9 holes to be eligible to play from the Red Tees.  You must play from the same tee box for the entire round.

It is optional for a member with a course handicap of 18 or higher to play the Red Tees. 


Hole 1: If your ball lands next to the driving range fence (not inside the driving range) you may take a two-club relief (no penalty).

Holes 2 and 3: If your ball goes in the fairway creek, drop a ball on the other side (between the red bricks) and continue to play.  (one (1) stroke penalty) If you choose to hit again from the gold tees on hole 3 you may tee up your ball.  You will be hitting three (3) from the gold tees.

 Holes 5, 6, 7 and 8: If your ball goes in the fairway creek you MUST drop a ball BEHIND the creek (as far back as you want).  (one (1) stroke penalty)

Hole 9:  When hitting over the lake, if your ball goes in the water, you may go to the red permanent discs on the other side of the lake, drop and hit another ball, one (1) stroke penalty.  Do not tee up your ball. If you choose to hit again from the gold tees, you may tee up your ball.  You will be hitting three (3) from the gold tees.


Members should become familiar with the rules of golf, the local course rules and golf etiquette. She shall conduct herself accordingly at all times.

USGA Rules are online at www.usga.org

1. Members must play with another member of the league to be eligible for daily play or tournaments.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Keep track of ALL putts, even during tournaments.

3. Count all strokes, including whiffs. Hole out all shots unless you pickup after 10 strokes (See page 11 on picking up.)

4. Keep track of all players’ shots in your group to speed up play.

5. It is the group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If there is an open hole in front of your group and it is delaying the group behind you, invite the group behind to play through.

6. Don’t hold up play for a rule dispute, play two (2) balls.  Check with the Golf Professional when play is completed for correct ruling.

7. Do not move or talk when another player is ready to hit or putt.

8. Don’t leave clubs or cart in front of the green.  Take to the side or behind the green.

9. Repair or replace your divots in the fairway or on the green.

10. Rake footprints after sand shots.

11. The player farthest away putts first, she has the option of putting out or marking her ball.

12. Leave green immediately after holing out.  Record scores on the next tee.

13. For all play in the NPWGC, a player may obtain distance information using a distance-measuring device.  If during a stipulated round, a player uses any artificial device or unusual equipment to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect her play (e.g., elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 4.3.


BUMPING THE BALL – You must play the ball as it lies. You may not improve your lie in the fairway, rough, penalty area or on the green except as provided in rules for obstructions (sprinkler heads, cart paths, holes by burrowing animals, embedded balls, etc.). A ball resting in a divot must be played as it lies. Penalty for violation is two (2) strokes.

LATERAL PENALTY AREA – One (1) stroke penalty to drop your ball back out of the water.

MULLIGANS – NO exceptions. No mulligans during club play.  If you take a mulligan anywhere on the course you will be DISQUALIFIED from day’s play and/or tournament.

HITTING THE WRONG BALL – Two (2) stroke penalty if you hit the wrong ball. If you finish play with the wrong ball YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED. Always check your ball before hitting.  (Rule 6.3 c.)

SAND BUNKERS- Two (2) stroke penalty if you ground your club, you may remove any loose impediment lying in or touching the hazard. You are allowed to pick up your ball in the sand bunker if it is in temporary water. You may clean and replace the ball (no closer to the hole) in the sand and hit (no penalty).  Note:  Rule 19.3b allows the player to take relief outside the bunker with two penalty strokes.  The player must use the back-on-line procedure.

UNPLAYABLE LIE – One (1) stroke penalty to drop your ball away from fences or trees (2 club lengths). If your ball is in temporary water, on a cart path, or in ground under repair, there is no penalty to seek nearest full relief (1 club length, no closer to the hole).

LOST BALL AND OUT-OF-BOUNDS – One (1) stroke penalty plus loss of distance.  If you lose your ball in the middle of the fairway, rough, under or in trees or bushes, you must go back to where you last hit and hit another ball or you may use the local rule (see local rule 15, page 8).

OUT-OF-BOUNDS – If a ball is out-of-bounds, the player may play the ball, under penalty of one stroke, as nearly  as possible to the spot from which the original ball was last played.  If you think your ball might have gone out-of-bounds, play another ball (provisional) until you determine if your ball is inbounds.

If on the tee, you may tee up again and continue to hit until your ball lands inbounds. 

Local rule option—you may also drop a ball in the fairway no closer to the hole where you thought the ball went out-of-bounds (see local rule 14, page 8) two stroke penalty.  When hitting from the fairway you must continue to hit until the ball lands inbounds.  Count all strokes taken.

CONCEDING PUTTS and PICKING UP – If you pickup after 10 strokes, put a 10 x on the card, you will automatically be given 3 putts for the hole.  You will not be disqualified from the daily play unless the play is specific to the hole.  You will be disqualified from a tournament.