Men’s League

Nibley Park Men’s League,

Welcome to the 2017 Nibley Park Men’s League! We are very excited for the upcoming season. We do have a few minor yet important changes you should take note of this year, so please read our welcome letter carefully.

We will take sign ups in the pro shop all season beginning NOW!!!. You do not need a UGA Handicap to participate in the Nibley Park Men’s League. We use the USGA handicapping model to create you an in house handicap.  Annual Men’s League dues will again be $25.00.

Next Friday we will be adding the “OPEN DIVISION” to the Nibley Park Men’s League!

What does this mean for you?

  • ALL non amateur players must play in the “OPEN DIVISION” ONLY!
  • The “OPEN DIVISION” will be a $10.00 entry fee and remain a Gross & Net Flight for all its players.
  • ANYONE may participate in the “OPEN DIVISION” in addition to your normal flight daily play
  • Due to NON Amateur players being pulled out of the amateur flights we will be raising the daily play fee to $8.00

We are pleased to welcome back all members of our amazing staff who helped make last year a great success.  We will also continue to use in house handicaps, which are based on weekly Friday scores, which has still been proven to be the fairest way to handicap our members and make the league remain competitive.

There will be gross and net games every Friday with a number of formats for members of all abilities.  You may play anytime of the day on Fridays.  Hopefully with added interest from our new and existing members, we will be adding some additional Sunday tournaments, other than just the Scary Duck.  We also hope that with increasing numbers we will begin preferred tee times while closing the course for Men’s League members only.

Our website this season has been revamped for your convenience to follow results, weekly games and events.

To learn more about the golf course visit: